Only These 5 Fixes Actually Helped Us Recover Our Clients From Google Penalty

Before you do anything, you first need to understand what led to your website’s penalty. Find those spots and start removing them one by one. It can take from one day to a couple of months, depending on the amount of bad content strategy used and type of penalty. 

There are two types of penalisation. One is a manual penalty and the other one is the algorithmic penalty.

A manual penalty is a targeted, purpose-driven fine, which is a result of black-hat SEO-tactics. Google’s webmasters will take a notice of these cases and send you a special notification. As long as you don’t take any step to correct the black-hat strategy you’ll lose all your rankings.

 The second type of penalty has to do with the changes in the algorithms of Google. This type of change affects everyone on the internet. If you want to save your website from sinking down in the rankings, simply follow the latest algorithm and optimise website pages accordingly.

 Knowing about the Google penalty has its benefits in ensuring safer website strategies for the future.

Top Tools to Recover Quickly

Here is our top tools recommendation that will help you to step-up the recovery process.

Check My Links: It’s a simple link checker that crawls your website to identify broken links. With its help, you can know instantly, the links that are causing trouble. Broken links are coloured red and good ones show in green. You can use this chrome extension to weed out links that are eating into your website’s rankings.

Screaming Frog Web Crawler: It’s a widely used tool by online marketers. If you have not used this tool yet, you can try it. Screaming Frog is a relatively inexpensive website crawler that will help you to identify bad content and irregular linking strategy.

Ahrefs: This tool will help you to identify broken links with minimum efforts. Especially, concerning guest posting on websites. Some bad links might go unnoticed and this is where Ahrefs comes handy. It also helps to analyse the health of your website.

Analysing the data

In our experience, it’s incredibly important to analyse all the data as it helps to establish a root cause for Google penalty and help us to avoid it in the future. By analysing data, you can pinpoint the places where you have used black-hat SEO strategies.

It also helps to identify the wrong strategies used by your previous SEO service provider. Once you’re able to identify all the loopholes that plague your website, you can bring in stricter control for the future.

Mastering Google Guidelines

Surprisingly, there’s one common feature that unites all of our clients who have faced the Google penalty. They have little to no idea about Google guidelines when it comes to SEO. So, it’s important that you visit Google Webmaster guidelines from time to time and update your website accordingly.

Google wants you to rank on its search engine. It’s impartial and practical. You only need to follow the rules. If you find it tedious or too technical, you can always go to an SEO agency. But remember to work with only the best out there.

Focus on Organic Tactics

Lower rung SEO service providers will sell you high traffic at cheap rates. Choosing such service providers will put your website in risk. So, try to avoid these services at any cost, instead use organic strategies. We have, over the years made a partnership with over one lakh bloggers who help us to rank our clients. We use organic techniques such as guest posting and contextual linking.

Best way to avoid frauds in the SEO industry is to focus on quality services and stay away from quick fixes. Check with their clients, if possible, and then make a decision whether you want to use them for your website. Remember, the key to ranking is honest and purposeful content publishing on your website. It’s a foolproof way to stay ahead and safe from any Google penalty.

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