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6 Step Process to get you RESULTS

#1 Website analysis

#2 Keyword Research

#3 Competitor Analysis

We begin every project with thorough website analysis, ranging from content audit, On-page essentials, domain history and backlink profile

Apart from client’s desired target keywords, we do our own due diligence and decide on a refined keyword targeting plan

Thorough analysis of the competition remains a mandatory precursor to finalising an action plan for our clients

#4 Strategy

#5 Execution

#6 Weekly Reports

Based on our R&D and vast experience of bringing success to our clients, we carve out a formidable 16-week strategy and associated goal

Our execution team starts working on the action plan, working in tandem with ‘Strategy’ team

Client is timely updated about the progress of campaign and results through a dedicated dashboard. Dedicated account manager is also facilitated

3 Reasons why clients love our services

Timely Reporting

We provide detailed reports of work done on a weekly and monthly basis. We love to communicate with our clients and are always available for consultation on emails or Skype.

Consistent Results

Our sole aim is to deliver consistent results for our clients. We always give our best to achieve the goals set by our clients. The continuous effort and dedication of our team has always set the bar for delivering quality result.

White Hat Approach

White Hat approach is one of the most time-consuming activities in the SEO. We have mastered the art and deliver consistent result with our approach. You can save your time and achieve the best results by using our services.

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About Us
Promarketingninjas is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency that’s been in the SEM Industry since 2010. With a rich experience of 7+ years and formidable team that goes all out to make sure that client’s expectations are met within reasonable timeframe, we have successfully served 500+ clients till date. We strictly adhere to White-hat SEO practices and are known for our top-rated customer service. Our extensive publisher partnerships, accumulated over the years, has helped us cement our position in SEM Industry like no other.